Valuing and Supporting People

Missouri State will value and support faculty and staff in the context of a dynamic University setting that engages their full potential in an environment of inclusive excellence.

Alumni will tell you. So will current students. What makes Missouri State special is the people.

Outstanding faculty inspire, advise and mentor students. They push them to excel in the classroom. They include them in their research, even at the undergraduate level. And they remain in contact after the students graduate. At alumni meetings across the country, it's not unusual for graduates to give testimonials explaining how a particular faculty member pushed them, pulled them, guided them and provided the support they needed to be successful, not only in their career, but in their lives.

Staff provide support services, an attractive and safe learning and living environment, and provide the business practices and customer services that students today expect. The staff are known for their strong work ethic, their "can-do" attitude, and their commitment to the University and its students. Oftentimes, it is a staff member who is the first contact for the student and, therefore, provides the first impression. Staff serve another crucial service to students: they serve as role models everyday.

There are many similarities among colleges and universities in programs, general campus amenities, special events and activities. What sets an institution apart are the faculty and staff – the people. The only way to have an excellent University is to have excellent people.