Key Tactics for the Plan

Key tactics that will be employed to achieve the objectives Responsible Stewardship are:

  • Increase revenues – By working with the Missouri General Assembly, donors and granting agencies, increase revenues, both operating and capital, in order to adequately fund the University's mission and goals. A number of specific tactics are included.
  • Monitor financial strength – Through implementation of best practices and systematic review, the financial strength of the University will be not only monitored, but improved. The goal is to protect the University's financial health and, therefore, its ability to make strategic investments to benefit students.
  • Maintain and utilize facilities – Based on an inventory and evaluation of facilities and their utilization, strategic investments are envisioned to maintain and enhance the University's facilities. Much of the focus will be on classrooms and laboratories to support the academic and research programs and priorities.
  • Safe and sustainable – Specific tactics will help ensure Missouri State remains a safe campus for students, faculty and staff. With significant student leadership and involvement, the University plans to further improve its environmentally friendly atmosphere. Topping the list are increasing recycling, reducing energy consumption and designing construction, both new and renovations, to meet LEED standards.
  • Assure accountability – Through the annual scorecard, the University will measure and publicize its progress on the initiatives. Internal audits will ensure that the University is operating in the most professional risk-free manner possible.