Maturing of the Mission

During the time of the long-range plan for 2006-11, the mission was further developed to focus on three broad components that were formally approved by the Faculty Senate:

Ethical leadership

Public Affairs Conference speakerEthical leadership is striving for excellence and integrity as one continually develops ethical and moral reasoning while contributing to the common good. Ethical leaders have the courage to live by their principles in all parts of their personal and professional lives.

Cultural competence

Faculty teaching studentsCultural competence begins with cultural self-awareness and expands to knowledge of, respect for and skills to engage with those of other cultures. Culturally competent individuals respect multiple perspectives and are able to successfully negotiate cross-cultural differences.

Community engagement

Diversity and Economic Development Summit speakerCommunity engagement is recognizing needs in the communities to which one belongs, then contributing knowledge and working with the community to meet those needs. Community engagement requires reaching beyond one's self for the betterment of the community – a process that fosters greater awareness and personal growth.