Engaged Inquiry

Missouri State will pursue research and scholarly activities that enrich the learning experience of students and are responsive to the needs of the region and state.

It is difficult to find a great teacher who is not involved in research/scholarly activity of some type; many would argue that they are inextricably linked. To stay current and relevant, the best faculty members always seek new information and explore new paths to problem-solving and knowledge generation. When undergraduate and graduate students are included in these activities, the students sharpen their critical thinking, are more fully engaged in course work and are better prepared for lifelong learning.

Advancement of knowledge through research is an integral component within University functions and remains a key component of the tenure and promotion process. In order to serve the public, Missouri State University understands it has a research role that complements and integrates with its instructional and service expectations. Both basic and applied research and engaged public scholarship are essential to the progress of a master's-level, comprehensive university with a mission to develop educated persons while focusing on public affairs.

For all of these reasons, Missouri State University will continue to encourage all faculty to be active in research/scholarly activity.

There are four primary goals of academic research/scholarly activity at Missouri State University:

  • To develop the human potential of students
  • To contribute to and extend the storehouse of knowledge
  • To contribute to the public good and the progress of society
  • To advance the development of faculty in all their roles

These goals are not envisioned or intended as isolated endeavors. In most cases the goals are achieved as integrated activities that will have a positive impact on the students, faculty and the public.