Developing the Plan

The long-range plan was developed over 17 months, included about 100 faculty, staff and students on seven initial work groups, and took input via email and multiple open forums.

The five-year strategic plan for 2011-16 will be completed on time and implemented beginning on July 1, 2011. It achieves all of the specific elements identified in the goal statement, with one exception: The Faculty Roles and Rewards was postponed until a later date.

The long-range plan has been more than a year in the making, starting in February 2010 and officially approved at the Board of Governors meeting on June 17, 2011.

The hard copy narrative of the plan is included in a 20-page, 8½ x 11-inch booklet. The actual detailed work plan will be available on the Web so it can be a dynamic document that can be revised and updated as appropriate during the five years.

The long-range plan was guided by a Steering Committee. More than 100 individuals served on seven work groups to develop the specifics of the plan. In addition, consultant Larry Gates assisted the Steering Committee with conceptualizing the plan. There were three campus-wide open forums, multiple presentations to specific constituent groups and repeated opportunities for feedback as materials were posted on the website.

The true evaluation will be in the implementation of the plan over the next five years. Toward that end, the administration intends to monitor and measure progress annually.

Overall timeline for long-range plan

  • February 2010 – Charge given to Steering Committee
  • March 2010 – Academic Priorities, Public Affairs and Inclusive Excellence Work Groups began
  • April 2010 – Remaining work groups began
  • July 2010 – Work group chairs presented updates to Academic Administrators Assembly
  • October 2010 – Strategic Directions posted for comment
  • December 2010 – Community Principles, Commitments and Strategic Directions posted for comment
  • February 2011 – Measures and Targets posted for comment. Dr. Cofer updated Board of Governors
  • March 2011 – Forums with Academic Administrators Assembly and campus
  • April 2011 – Second campus forum/first draft of full plan for Steering Committee review
  • May 2011 – Full draft posted for comment, campus forum and final revisions
  • June 17, 2011 – Long-range plan officially presented to the Board of Governors for approval