One Block Waiver of Student Teaching

Due to Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED) degree program requirements, undergraduate students are never allowed to waive one block of student teaching.

One Block Waivers for Post Bac Teacher Certification Students

 Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification students pursuing certification in ANY area may apply for a one-block waiver of student teaching if the student has substitute teaching, or has been teaching on a Temporary or Provisional Teaching Certificate in their grade level and content area.

The following guidelines must be met in order to be considered for a one-block waiver of student teaching

  • Students who are substitute teaching can only count experience in their grade level and content area. In addition, that experience must be in a long-term substitute situation. For example, if a substitute teacher worked in the same classroom for 2 months while the regular classroom teacher was out on medical leave, the experience may be considered. If the substitute teacher taught for two months in several different classrooms within their grade level and content area, the experience will not be considered.
  • Students must accumulate a minimum of 270 - 300 clock hours of substitute teaching experience to be considered for a one-block waiver.
  • Substitute teaching experience must have been concurrent with the students enrollment in Professional Education coursework at Missouri State.

If the student feels he or she meets the guidelines above, the following documentation should be submitted to the Coordinator of Teacher Certification in Hill Hall, Room 203

  • A formal letter requesting a One-Block Waiver of student teaching. This letter must describe in detail the teaching experience to be considered. Please include the dates of employment, hiring school district, grade level and content area, and actual clock hours completed. Also include a detailed description of all activities performed in this teaching position. Students are encouraged to list all subjects taught, any extra duties performed while at the school, any extra-curricular responsibilities, training or workshops attended, and any other information that will give the committee a clear idea of the actual teaching position.
  • A letter of support from the students Principal or Superintendent supporting the student's request for a one-block waiver, and verifying that the information in the student's letter is accurate.
  • A copy of an evaluation from the hiring school district.

Once this documentation is received by the Teacher Certification Office, the request is reviewed by a committee consisting of the Coordinator of Teacher Certification, the Coordinator of Educational Field Experiences, the Department Head of the student's major, the Director of Student Services and the Dean of the College of Education.

Since the State of Missouri requires a minimum of 8 semester hours of student teaching to be certified, students who are approved for a one-block waiver are required to complete a 2 credit hour practicum in their grade level and content area in order to meet minimum state requirements for certification. The following courses will be used to satisfy the 2 credit hour practicum:

  • Early Childhood, Elementary, Special Education, Middle School Students
    • EEM305 - Field Experiences in Education (2 hours)
  • Secondary Education Students
    • SFR305 - Field Experiences in Education (2 hours)

This practicum can be completed before, during or after the second block of student teaching. These practicum courses require permission to register, but students can register for them at any time during the semester. Please contact the Coordinator of Teacher Certification for permission to register for either of these practicum courses.

For more information regarding a one block waiver of student teaching, please contact the Teacher Certification Office at 417-836-8772 and ask to speak with an Advisor.