P-Card Foreign Transactions

By default, transactions with international vendors are not allowed on the Procurement Card. Any non-travel foreign transaction needs to be pre-approved by the cardholder’s respective budgetary authority. An email approval with the following information needs to be sent to the Procurement Card Coordinator:

1. Vendor Name:
2. Country located in:
3. Amount Requested:
4. Date of purchase/s:
5. Product details (brief):
6. Name on the credit card:
7. Last 4 digits of the credit card:

When paying for foreign travel purchases, prior approval is not required from the Office of Procurement Services. However, cardholders are required to inform the Procurement Card Coordinator in order to make the necessary changes with the bank in order to allow for foreign purchases to go through without being declined.

All receipts in foreign currency are to be converted into US dollars. The receipt is to be converted using the date that the expense occurred and the conversion rate should be printed and submitted as backup documentation. Documentation of currency conversion must be attached to the receipt.