Non- Allowable Expenses

The Missouri State University Procurement Card may not be used to purchase items that are not in accordance with the University's payment and procurement rules and regulations.

Following is a list of some unallowable/excluded purchases. This list is not intended to be a complete list of unallowable/excluded purchases that can be made with the Procurement Card but is intended to assist you in getting a general idea of unacceptable transactions.

Unallowable/Excluded Purchases

Adobe Incorporated
Alcoholic beverages
Apple Incorporated (refer Apple policy for purchasing guidelines)
Bookstore purchases and any transaction within the university that should be on a budget transfer
Fixed Assets
Cash advances
Certified Professional Secretary Exam
Coffee and other supplies related to coffee including coffee powder, coffee maker, et cetera
Computers, Laptops and Monitors
Construction, renovation, or installation
Dell Incorporated
Fiscal Responsibility: Non-allowable expenses per the Fiscal Responsibility Policy
Gasoline or fuel of any kind
Gifts including gift cards/gift certificates
HON Company Incorporated
Hospitality or entertainment
Insurance Payments: Professional liability insurance payments for faculty, students or staff
International vendors
Leases and rentals of facilities/space includes park pavilion
Lunchroom supplies (paper plates, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, et cetera)
Personal use items
Postage stamps
Printing services
Purchases involving trade-ins
Purchases that by-pass or circumvent existing procurement or payment procedures
Purchases that require a contract and/or agreement to be signed
Services (consulting, insurance, professional services, independent contractor, et cetera)
State sales tax
Telecommunications services and equipment including cellular telephones, headsets, pagers, et cetera
Weapons, ammunition
Website hosting or domain name registration