Grant P-Cards

In order to apply for a Procurement Card that will default to a Grant budget, the cardholder will need to send a completed and signed Procurement Card Grant Approval Form along with the other forms. The Procurement Card Grant Approval Form will need to be signed by the respective individuals mentioned including the Principal Investigator, Budgetary Authority, Grant Accountant and the Procurement Card Coordinator.

For added control, Grant Procurement Cards will expire at the Grant expiration date as listed on the Procurement Card Grant Approval Form. If the Grant has been extended, the Procurement Card Grant Extension Form will need to be completed with the appropriate signatures and sent to the Procurement Card Coordinator. If the Grant Procurement Card Extension Form is not sent, the Procurement Card will close along with the Grant close date listed in the Grant Approval Form.

For transactions that are allocated to Grant budgets, copies of the receipts will need to be sent in along with the monthly cardholder statements and the transaction logs. In conducting Departmental Procurement Card Reviews on those transactions that are allocated to Grant budgets, a focus on the review will be two fold, from the Procurement Card policies and also from the specific restrictions set forth by that particular Grant.

If the Grants and Contracts Office requests that a Grant Procurement Card is to be closed out, the Procurement Card will be closed out immediately and the cardholder notified of the same.