Decline of Procurement Card

Any vendor falling within the Procurement Card guidelines is considered a potential vendor for the Procurement Card, even if they do not accept credit cards today. A vendor with a MCC (Merchant Category Code) that sells items considered to be non-allowable through the Procurement Card program will be declined. Kindly remember that unless a vendor attempts a transaction on a Procurement Card there is no way of knowing what their MCC code will be.

If a cardholder foresees that their card may get declined by a certain vendor, they may inform the Procurement Card Coordinator so that their card can be temporarily increased to a higher strategy so as to allow a certain group of vendors to be allowable. This doesn't guarantee that they card will be accepted but minimizes the risk of being declined.

Checklist for Declined Transactions:

  • Check the single transaction limit to see if it above the allowable limit (Default single transaction limit is $3,000)
  • Check the monthly transaction limit to see if the monthly expenses are above the allowable limit (Default monthly limit is $5,000)
  • Check the origin country of the vendor. If the vendor is located outside the United States of America, an exception will need to be requested for the transaction.
  • Decline could occur due the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of the vendor. The Procurement Card will need to be temporarily lifted to allow for the transaction to go through.

If the card is declined and the cardholder feels that the decline should not have occurred, cardholders should contact the Procurement Card Coordinator in Office of Procurement Services or their Department Procurement Card Coordinator for assistance.