Apple Inc. Policy

Mac App Store for Apple Application

Due to changes in software licensing and ownership, the integrated Mac App Store on Apple desktop and laptop computers must not be used to purchase applications using University funds.

Departments and individuals wishing to use University funds to purchase Apple applications that are only available through the Mac App Store (for Apple desktop and laptop computers) must purchase these through the Electronics Department at the Missouri State University Bookstore. Please contact Ray Presnell (Manager) at X64689 ( or Don Hopper (Technology Buyer) at X64665 (

iTunes and Mac App Store for non-Apple Software

Departments and individuals wishing to use iTunes to purchase applications for iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, and iPods), or to use the Mac App Store to purchase non-Apple software for Mac devices, using University funds, must purchase an iTunes Gift Card at the Missouri State Bookstore. This gift card can then be redeemed in iTunes or the Mac App Store to purchase and download the application.

When purchasing iTunes Gift Cards for University business, be sure to include the University business purpose, which applications are being purchased, and who the applications will be purchased for on the Missouri State Bookstore invoice.

When purchasing iTunes Gift Cards for use as gifts, the University’s gift policy must be followed and a Gift Reporting Form must be completed.

The University’s gift policy can be found at:

The Gift Reporting Form can be found at:

Do not purchase applications for Mac or iOS devices or iTunes Gift Cards using your P-card.