Amazon Business Account

We are now setup on a Missouri State University Amazon Business Account.

Below are some features of this account:

  • Free 2-day shipping on orders over $49 (learn more)
  • Free 5-7 day shipping on items orders over $35
  • Setup up as a Sales tax exempt account
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts on select items
  • Business-tailored search and browse functionality
  • Access to a specialized Customer Service team for business customers only
  • Amazon Business has been setup on a US Communities contract so we will be seeing additional benefits in the future.

 Note: The Amazon Business account is different from our Office Depot office supplies contract in that you are not always buying directly from and most often you are buying from other sellers through Amazon. We do not have the same customer service and after sales assistance like we do with Office Depot. Departments have to use their own judgment when buying from!

If you are someone else in your department would like to be setup on Amazon Business account, the following information will need to be emailed to Isaac Balasundaram, Office of Procurement Services at



Email address:

Everyone authorized to purchase on Amazon Business on behalf of Missouri State University will need their own business user account, with their own account credentials. If you already have an account tied to your work email that you have used for business purposes, you can convert your existing account into a business user account.

Sales Tax Exemption:

Amazon has started charging sales tax for purchases in Missouri from February 1, 2017!

Missouri State University’s Amazon Business account is setup to for Sales Tax-Exemption.You will have to be on the Missouri State University Amazon Business account in order to get the sales tax-exemption.

We only get the sales tax exemption on ‘Amazon Fulfilled’ items. A good way to filter those items is by clicking on the ‘Amazon Prime’ filter option on the left. Some third party vendors will charge us sales tax and we don’t have choice but to pay for the tax. You can check to see if you can get the same items from other vendors that don’t charge tax but that’s the only option for you.

If you are using the Amazon Business account and you get to the checkout page and you are being charged tax you will need to just go ahead and pay it unless you can find it through an Amazon Fulfilled vendor.

Amazon Prime Membership:
The university will not pay for a Prime membership out of budget so if you would like to use your personal prime membership to pay for university purchases you are welcome to do so.

Any requests for Amazon Prime memberships will need to be approved by Financial Services first.

For additional information on Amazon Business: Take a video tour of Amazon Business or check out the Amazon Business FAQ page.