P-Card Receipt Imaging

The receipt imaging module available through UMB Bank's IntelliLink system allows users to upload receipts for their transactions as they complete their monthly allocations.

 Receipt imaging is required for the categories listed below:

  • Travel transactions:
    • Hotels
    • Airlines including checked baggage receipts
    • Airport shuttle
  • Food
    • Restaurants-itemized receipt
  • PayPal transactions
  • Transactions that violate policy
  • Transactions with missing receipt form
  • Grant P-Card Documentation

Features of the Receipt Imaging module:
Employees will be setup with a unique email address so as to store their receipts separately.
The module allows for users to upload receipts from their desktop.
Users can also email their receipts to the system.
A new feature allows users to take a photo of their receipt on-the-go from their mobile device and send it in.
Once the receipts are sent in to the Image Library, coordinators can attach the images to the specific transactions.
Multiple images can be attached for one transaction and vice-versa.
An extract option allows for an export of all receipts to be stored electronically.
Image files: GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIF and PNG.
Non-image files: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX and PDF.
Size: 5MB for each file attached.