Sam's Club Policy

Missouri State University has a business membership account setup with Sam’s Club through the Bookstore that departments can use to purchase items from Sam’s Club.

The Bookstore will charge departments a 10% markup on items purchased.

Departments will need to email John Shepherd at the Bookstore ( with the following information:

Contact Name:

Department Name:

Item Number:

Item Description:


Budget Number:

Departments can also get an individual business membership account but this membership must be set up through Isaac Balasundaram at Procurement Services ( There is a $45 annual membership fee for setting up an individual business membership account with Sam’s Club. These accounts will be setup to allow for sales tax exemption and will be tied to a departmental P-Card. The P-Card policy on allowable/non-allowable expenses will apply to any purchase that is made through Sam’s Club. Departments will be required to provide justification for spending the $45 membership fees out of budget.

Note: Any request for an individual business membership will be reviewed and approved by Financial Services.