Professional Publication Services

Missouri State University provides a full-service Office of Publications to serve Missouri State faculty, staff and administrators. The client pays a nominal "job fee" plus all material and printing costs, but no staff time is charged.

All jobs brought to the Office of Publications are given a production number and scheduled for completion. The Publications staff attempts to serve most clients, but major jobs will take priority. All admissions materials and other major University publications must come through the Office of Publications, except for simple flyers or quick-copy jobs. This allows the University to maintain quality control, eliminate duplication of effort, and follow established bidding procedures with the exception of simple flyers or quick copy jobs. Please refer to the Publications Graphics Standards Manual for a list of University publication priorities.

The Office of Publications, in cooperation with Printing Services, enforces the appropriate use of the University seal and logos. The published policy regarding the seal and logos, was approved by the Missouri State Board of Regents in October of 1986.

Contact the Office of Publications at 417-836-4142 for an appointment to discuss your job or project.