Intercollegiate Athletics Priorities Charge

August 3, 2005

Bruce Johnson, Chair, Agriculture
Darlene Bailey, Athletics
Jana Estergard, Equal Opportunity Office
Kent Kay, Financial Services
Bill Kirkman
Peggy Pearl, Child Development
Bill Rowe, Athletics
John Black, General Counsel, ex officio
Greg Onstot, University Advancement, ex officio
Michael T. Nietzel
Intercollegiate Athletics Priorities Committee

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Intercollegiate Athletics Priorities Committee.

I announced on my first day, July 1, that I would form this ad hoc committee. As a member of this committee, you will examine the scope of intercollegiate athletics at the University and make recommendations about the future viability of our sports teams. Specifically, are there intercollegiate teams that the University should discontinue? In addition, what policies should be implemented regarding the leasing, ownership, and construction of intercollegiate athletics facilities?

When you meet, I would like for you to discuss what I consider to be the four guiding principles for evaluating the success of the current 21 sports in our athletics program:

  • Ability to compete
  • Academic record of its student-athletes
  • Record of integration into campus and University culture
  • Ability to live within its budget and be as financially independent as possible

As you deliberate on the future, please keep in mind that it is very unlikely that the University will be able to commit significant additional resources to intercollegiate athletics.

In the near future, Bruce Johnson will call the first meeting of the committee. I would like to have your recommendations no later than November 15, 2005.