Technology and Emerging Art Forms


The creation of new art forms and the development of new technologies are both driven by creative problem solving. Creative practitioners within the arts have become increasingly more involved in the application of new technologies to the development of new art forms. This transition has eliminated many of the traditional boundaries that have separated various forms of artistic exploration. The Technology and Emerging Art Forms initiative would coordinate faculty and students from various disciplines and focus research on emerging arts technologies and their interaction with artists and the public. Areas would include, but are not limited to, visual arts and design, media film production, communications, biomedical sciences, computer sciences, dance and music. Examples of current and potential research include digital applications in photography, printmaking, graphic design and animation, musical/video collaborations, musical composition, dance/video interactive performances, and the study of vocal production through collaboration of science and theatre disciplines.


Examples of major trends and opportunities in extramural funding

  • Possible corporate sponsorship from the entertainment industry (e.g., movie studios, hardware/software developers, video game companies).
  • Private Foundations
  • Missouri film Alliance
  • Arts Council of the Ozarks
  • Missouri Arts Council
  • National Endowment for the Arts


Examples of areas of knowledge you anticipate will experience the most dramatic growth

Computer Animation (Artistic Works, Visualization for Educational and Commercial Purposes, Applications within Entertainment Industry), Performance Arts (Creation of New Genres of Art), Film Production, Multimedia, Computer Music Composition, Digital Manipulation of Audio Content (Sound and Music).

Unique Resources:

Examples of unique existing resources as well as current needs in Missouri, the Ozarks, and/or Springfield regarding economic development, technological advances, cultural enrichment, physical well-being, and/or social prosperity

Existing Resources:

Building on the current strong program in electronic arts, Missouri State University has the potential to become a leader in media and animation technology. Available resources on campus and within the community include KSMU, Ozarks Public Television Station, commercial stations, and the Missouri State University Art and Design Gallery. The College of Arts and Letters Odyssey Project has already served as a venue of artistic interdisciplinary collaboration using technology. On-campus collaborations have resulted in the international presentation of video artwork. The integration of science and the physiological aspect of vocal production has resulted in published research. Research has been conducted in multimedia educational resources for human anatomy.

New Resources:

Outsourcing to local, state, and regional constituents within the fields of animation, web design, and media; Functional professional-level recording studio available to Missouri State University, faculty and students as well as the regional community.


Examples of new collaborations in research and/or learning as well as linkages to the University's existing and emerging research strengths

Production of documentaries for various University departments, centers, and institutes, as well as community organizations; Possible collaborations due to burgeoning interest and demand in animation technology in Asia; Possible partnerships with other institutions of higher education due to current expertise in integrating Technology and Emerging Art Forms at Missouri State University.


Examples of building on existing strengths

Strengths of Missouri State University include: Computer Animation, Digital Art, Web-Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Theatre Performance, Stage and Lighting Design, Dance Collaboration, Music Composition and Performance. Graphic Design faculty and students are consistently recognized for their design work at the international and national level. The works of Music Department composition faculty have been performed internationally. Music Department composition students have won national awards. Students in media have presented works in national and international conferences. Theatre and Dance students and faculty and have been included in national and international productions.

Mission Fit:

Examples of compatibility with the University's statewide mission in public affairs

The changing environment of Springfield necessitates that Missouri State fulfill its civic duty by providing cutting-edge artistic resources that contribute to the overall cultural landscape of the community and region.

Education Fit:

Examples of contributions to superior undergraduate, graduate, and professional education

The possibility of hosting exhibitions and performances that highlight the intersection of arts and technology; Possible internships in music and entertainment industry nationally and regionally; Creating a learning environment within the arts on campus where technology becomes more of an available resource within the creative process.


The current and incoming student population will have the technological experience and interest to sustain this initiative. Incorporating the arts and technology will attract students with a wider range of educational goals and offer more possibilities for financial support and for the dissemination of creative works.