Benchmark Institutions

In its long-range plan, Imagining and Marking Missouri's Future, the University identified a set of 11 benchmark institutions. This set of institutions is similar to Missouri State University-Springfield in many respects (e.g., student headcount, level and span of degree programs), but possesses characteristics and accomplishes outcomes that we aspire to achieve.

This set of institutions will be used as a benchmark cohort for comparing our performance in a variety of categories over the next few years; the benchmark institutions will be reviewed every five years in conjunction with the University's strategic plan development. While there is no perfect benchmark institution, this set of 11 institutions has, in the aggregate, performed as well or better than Missouri State University on a number of key indicators.

List of institutions


The benchmark institutions will be used for the following three purposes:

  • To provide a group that can be used as benchmarks when comparing public performance measures
  • To identify and analyze “best practices” that would make Missouri State more effective and/or efficient
  • To analyze salary levels as one component toward identifying salary goals for Missouri State University