Academic Profile

  • Increase the number of degrees and certificates awarded.
  • Add new certificates, majors or degrees that support workforce development.
  • Focus on increasing enrollment in areas of high demand while continuing efforts to sustain or grow total enrollment.
    • Direct resources as appropriate to support growth in high-demand areas and skills contributing to workforce development (e.g., nursing, computer science, computer information systems).
    • Modify infrastructure and expand course offerings to meet student needs (e.g., online, blended, block, Zoom assisted, classroom capacity).
    • Facilitate work between academic programs and the marketing and communications division to promote and market certificates and other programs focused on workforce development.
    • Evaluate scholarship programs and restructure to remain competitive.
  • Promote interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary educational and research opportunities, including curricular actions.
  • Evaluate and update enrollment and curricular issues; initiate efforts to eliminate any barriers and modify processes while ensuring quality control.
  • Continue to seek logical and productive partnerships with other organizations, institutions and agencies that will foster educating more and different students (e.g., community colleges, college access programs).
  • Maintain and support assessment of student learning and accreditation at the program and university levels to ensure continuous improvement.

Action plan table of contents