Department/Unit Eligibility

Op3.16-3 Department/Unit Eligibility

  1. Budget allocations for graduate assistantships are reflected in each department’s/unit’s 109 budget line.  In January of each year, the Graduate Dean will send a notice to academic departments/colleges to request additional GA funds (beyond their 109 budget line) to support their summer school programs.  A relatively small number of summer graduate assistantships are available compared to those supported in the academic year.
  2. Prior to sending a graduate assistant Personnel Action Form to the Graduate College for processing, each department/unit should determine that sufficient funds are available in its 109 budget line.  If sufficient funds are not in the 109 budget line to cover an assistantship, funds may be transferred to the 109 budget line from another account.  In these cases, a copy of the budget transfer memo should accompany the Personnel Action Form.  Additional funds may be required to cover the fee waiver (see Fee Waiver Costs).  Funds cannot be transferred from the 109 budget line to other accounts without written approval from the Graduate Dean.