International Students/Foreign National Employees

Op3.16-2 International Students/Foreign National Employees

Foreign nationals who are a new (first-time) G.A. cannot legally begin working until they have been cleared by International Payroll. This process should be initiated as soon as the student is hired. If the student is not cleared prior to the start date entered on the PAF, the start date will be changed to match the date clearance was received and the stipend prorated accordingly. See the Appointment Steps page for more information .

If the student is a new (first-time) G.A. and has previously been employed on campus as a student employee, they should send an email to informing them that they are now going to be a G.A. and ask if they need to come in to update any of their paperwork.

Although G.A.s are only required to complete 6 graduate hours during a regular semester to maintain their eligibility, international F-1 and J-1 students are subject to full course of study requirements and should obtain approval from ISS prior to taking fewer than 9 credit hours.

Eligibility to hold Teaching Assistantship

Graduate students who did not receive both their primary and secondary education where English was the primary language must meet the following requirements to qualify for graduate assistantships with teaching assignments at Missouri State University.

  1. Successful completion of one semester of graduate studies at Missouri State University, during which they obtain a cultural orientation to prepare them for a teaching appointment.
  2. Pass an Missouri State University juried examination in which the candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to interpret written English passages and to communicate orally in English in a classroom setting. Juried examinations are to be coordinated by the Graduate College. Membership of the jury will include one member of the applicant's major department (appointed by that department's head), one member from the Department of Communication, and one other faculty representative (the latter two members to be appointed by the Dean of the Graduate College).