FYI - Groups/Agencies that Provide Services to Children At-Risk

PMD LabIf you are an administrator or decision maker for a public/private agency that caters to the needs of children at-risk ages 3 through 10 in the greater Springfield, Missouri area, can provide your own transportation to and from campus, and feel that some of the children in your charge can benefit from perceptual motor development activities, please contact John Downing at or 836-6234 for further information.

Typically, at-risk children in this program have mild to moderate developmental delays, including difficulties with balance, laterality, mid-line crossing and reversals, body and spatial awareness, gross motor abilities [running, jumping, hopping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking], and academic/social skills.

If you are able to transport your child/children (groups of four per session) for one hour sessions twice a week, you will be afforded free parking privileges on campus.