Success of the Program in Achieving its Goals

The MSU PA Program has a proven track record in achieving its goals. Out of 10 graduating classes, all but one class has scored above the national pass rate for first time test takers. In fact, six of the classes have achieved 100% board pass rates!  Additionally, several of the classes have achieved a higher mean score on the NCCPA exam. For example, the class of 2010 achieved a score of 622, placing this class at the 80th percentile in the nation at a minimum of, and possibly as high as, the 90th percentile!

The most recent alumni survey data revealed the following: Most MSU-PAs are employed on a full-time basis and in clinical practice.  The largest percentage of MSU graduate PAs work in office-based private practice settings. The most prevalent "primary" work setting for MSU graduates was surgery 26%, followed by family practice with or without urgent care (25%), and internal medicine (20%).  Graduate PA's from Missouri State University practice in 19 states with 51% residing in Missouri, and Twenty-seven percent of MSU-PA graduates are employed in rural areas, with Sixty-six out of 68 respondents (97%) report that they would recommend the PAS program at Missouri State University to others.