Report Building Resources

FACULTY/STAFF, if you need help with information gathering and reporting, visit our "Ask the Experts" open session. These sessions take place each Friday between 2:00 and 4:00 PM in Cheek 100. Call 417-836-5274 or email to schedule a time to visit with our experts.


Bear Intelligence

What you are looking for may already be available in the University's Bear Intelligence system.

Aim Dashboard (Academic Insights Management)

Access a comprehensive Argos Dashboard with annual trend University data.


Access the University reporting system to run reports.

Research at Missouri State

This is a starting point for anyone interested in completing research at or about Missouri State University.

Historical Departmental Profiles

A detailed look at historical University department data.

Submit a Data Request Form

Can't find a report on Bear Intelligence that has what you need?  You can use this form to request a new list or report from the Data Support team.