Graduate Research

If you are needing to work with data on students or faculty members, please have your faculty sponsor send your completed and approved IRB application, along with the letter of approval, to In your email, please include the information you need and what it will be used for.

A research component is an essential part of your graduate program’s degree requirements. Most programs require either a thesis or seminar paper. Review your program's research requirements in the Graduate Catalog for specific details.

Completing a thesis

A thesis presents your research and findings about a subject related to your degree program. You will complete your thesis in consultation with your advisory committee, which consists of three to five graduate faculty members.

You can apply credit hours in the 799 thesis course in the amount allowed by the specific program. Your thesis must be approved by both your committee and the Graduate College before your degree will be granted.

Visit the Thesis Resources page for more details about preparing a thesis.

Completing a seminar paper

Some degree programs require the completion of a seminar/degree paper or creative work. Your advisor for this project will approve the final paper.

Requirements for the completion of a seminar paper or creative work vary by program. Some programs require enrollment in a specific course while others require the submission of a seminar report. Consult with your academic advisor to determine your specific requirements.

Research training for human subjects

Missouri State requires that all research involving human subjects in any way, regardless of the source of support funds, must be reviewed by the Protection of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) before it begins.

You are required to complete online training before beginning any project involving human participants:

Research training for animal subjects

Participation in animal care and use training is required if you are using animals in research or teaching. Specifically, you are required to complete the online Animal Care and Use Basic Training.

View the Research Requirements Policy for more details.

Presenting Your Research

Missouri State offers several options for presenting your thesis or paper.  The graduate college sponsors the Interdisciplinary Forum and CHHS offers a Student Research Symposium.  You can also apply to present at a national conference in your area of study.