Argos Training

The Office of Institutional Research is currently offering training sessions on viewing the information available in Argos related to students. These hands-on training sessions are designed to expand end users knowledge of the reports available in Argos, how to execute these reports, and how to manipulate summary information using OLAP cubes. Classes will be mainly working with student information.

Navigating Argos Reports

A brief overview will be provided concerning logging in to Argos, the types of reports available for use and definition of terms including Quickview, Banded and CSV Export.

Navigating Argos Cubes

OLAP cubes are a powerful way to summarize data in a variety of ways including the ability to apply filters, cross tabulate, drill-down capabilities, and adding functions.

All sessions will be held in a computer lab environment for the opportunity to log in and follow along at your own pace. Please mention the name of a report you might be interested in learning to use in Argos and we will do our best to cover the report in class.

(These courses offer information about viewing reports only. If you are interested in writing reports, sign up for report writing classes from QUDG.)

Before you attend these classes you need to:

  • Have access to Argos. (To request Argos Report Viewer Access, email Query Developers User Group [QDUG] at:
  • Know your INB username and password. (This is different from your private ID and password that you use to log into your computer and for many other university web pages. If you do not know your INB username, go to, log in with your private ID and password, and select Get Resources. If you do not know your INB password, you can change it from this site.)

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