The traditional MSN program is designed for registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing who wish to advance their career. Specialization is offered in the area of family nurse educator.

Every student will complete MSN requirements, which total 14-17 hours and include a research component. In addition to MSN coursework you will also complete course work toward the specialization of nurse educator. The nurse educator specialization requires students to complete an additional 20 hours of course work.

Clinical hours

The Nurse Educator specialization requires clinical rotation hours, which will help you gain hands-on experience in real-life situations. Contact the program director of the Nurse Educator program for information on the required amount of clinical hours.

Research requirement

  • Thesis option - You may use six credit hours of NUR 799 to work on your thesis and apply toward completion of your degree. Your thesis advisory committee and the dean of the Graduate College must approve your project. A formal presentation and defense of your thesis is required.
  • Non-thesis option - You may count three credit hours of NUR 797 toward your degree. Your advisor and the dean of the Graduate College must approve your project and you must also present your project.

Comprehensive examination

During the final semester, students choosing a non-thesis option will be given a comprehensive examination that will test their knowledge of the information learned throughout the program. Students must pass this examination before they are able to obtain their degree.