MSN Educator Three-Semester Sample Plan

During the program, two practicum experiences will allow you to prepare lessons and educate pre-nursing students, nursing students or health care professionals. Your practicum experiences can be completed at your current employer for convenience.

Below is a sample schedule for the nurse educator certificate program. This sample schedule should not replace regular meetings with your advisor. Course offerings may vary, for more information view the nurse educator certificate course rotation.

Depending on the number of courses you take per semester, it's possible to complete this program in only two semesters. 

The following degree plan is based on the graduate catalog.

First semester (spring)

NUR 780 Teaching/Learning for Health Care Educators 3
NUR 782 Program Development and Evaluation in Nursing Education 3
Total hours6

Second semester (fall)

NUR 786 (Course no longer offered. Review course number changes.) 0
NUR 783 Nursing Education Practicum II 2
Total hours4

Third semester (summer)

NUR 781 Nursing Education Practicum 2
Total hours2