Health Care Resources

Expand and enhance your knowledge

A list of resources that includes links to national nursing organizations, nursing journals and the best websites to learn more about the latest developments in nursing techniques and health care. 

You can explore additional information from some of the top professional nursing websites such as news, journals, programs, careers and employment. 

Nursing organizations

Articles and guides

  • houses nursing journals and additional nursing research.
  • All Nurses provides access to research information and nursing news articles
  • Great Nurse allows chat with other professionals and has information on job services. 
  • has information and articles about the latest technology developments and serves as a digital marketplace for the nursing industry. 
  • Nurse Zone offers the ability to search for employment opportunities.
  • Best Nursing Degree serves as a guide to master’s degree and doctorate-level nursing programs.
  • Nursing Center gives access to many of the most up-to-date nursing clinical research journals.
  • Discover Nursing houses information about the nursing profession and possible careers.
  • Peterson's Guide to Nursing Programs provides information on accredited nursing programs.