Community Outreach

MSU Care facility

Make the community a classroom

Our community provides a training ground for patient interaction and care. We have 175 community partnerships that allow students to interact and participate in helping those with medical needs in southwest Missouri. Discover the importance of community and the ability to help those around you as you gain confidence.

You can develop an understanding of nursing specialties while gaining experience through this wide variety of partnerships. You’ll benefit from the supervision of a preceptor in the community to assist you in your outreach experiences.

We are always developing new relationships within the community. Some of these partnerships are:

  • Assisting a school nurse

    You can work with a school nurse in a local school district to do health assessments and screenings for health issues with students grades K-12. While working with the school nurse, you will assist in health education and learn medical management skills. Our students and nursing faculty provide screenings for health-related issues that require attention in school districts that do not have a nurse on staff. Teach school-aged children the importance of good health habits during health fairs at the schools.

  • Camp Barnabas

    Students complete their pediatric rotation by spending one week of the second summer of nursing school at Camp Barnabas helping children of various ages and abilities. A faculty member is assigned to every clinical rotation group, allowing you to receive one-on-one attention while helping campers enjoy their camp experience.

  • Coalition of Healthy Communities

    The Coalition of Healthy Communities is a collaborative program between the School of Nursing and around a dozen community sites. Designed to provide senior nursing students with community experience, students are directed to host nursing wellness clinics on a weekly basis targeting at-risk and vulnerable populations within the Springfield, Missouri, area. Current collaborations include Victory Mission, Harmony House, The Kitchen, Inc., Isabel's House, Catholic Charities Ministries and the Salvation Army.

You will work weekly at the site and meet clients' healthcare needs where no nursing or healthcare is provided on a regular basis. You’ll perform assessments, give referrals, and provide education. Clients may meet with students on a regular or one-time-only basis. A strong emphasis is on client "stories" that ensure healthcare is properly offered. Open your eyes to the factors in assessment and compliance and build trust within a client population who often experience poor healthcare delivery. Your hands-on experience includes offering one-on-one educational services to clients and developing at least one group educational program after a community survey/assessment.

  • The Kitchen, Inc.

    Undergraduate students provide health screenings, health education, and medical referral management to individuals served by The Kitchen, Inc., including the Rare Breed and Franciscan Villa. You’ll work with individuals of all ages and those with many different needs.

  • MSU Care

    MSU Care is a partnership between Missouri State University and Mercy Hospital-Springfield. Nursing students participate in clinical rotations and treat patients who do not otherwise have access to quality medical care. With supervision from faculty in the school, students work with a variety of patients in a multidisciplinary environment.