Sara Clark, Director of Web Services (Co-Chair)
Julie Ebersold, Director of Alumni Relations
Don Hendricks, Director of University Communications (Co-Chair)
Rob Hornberger, Coordinator of Web and Data Support for Enrollment Services
Padraic McMeel, Director of Athletics Development
Cindy Pemberton, Acting Associate Provost for Student Success
Tammy Wiley, Assistant Director of Broadcast Services
Michael T. Nietzel, President
New Media Task Force

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the New Media Task Force. In the near future, Sara and Don will call the initial meeting of the group.

I am asking that the Task Force consider Missouri State’s current new media efforts and make recommendations for the future regarding all aspects of new media, including the web, video streaming, podcasts, Face Book, iTunes, Flash Video, blogging, etc.

By May 1, 2008, I ask that you submit a report that focuses on the following:

  • An evaluation on the current level of Missouri State expertise and activity in new media, both in academic and non-academic settings
  • A recommendation for new media activities that we should treat as priorities, with a plan for subsequent phasing of other priorities
  • An evaluation of current staffing with any changes in number, organizational structure, etc.
  • Any additional one-time or on-going investments you recommend to implement our new media plan successful

Again, thank you for helping with this initiative. Let me know how I can assist you as you move through this process.