Music Education Concentration

Teacher leading choral rehearsal

Missouri State University’s graduate music programs offer a variety of concentrations, practical courses, expert faculty and up-to-date resources. There are also a variety of electives to accommodate your interests. The Master of Music degree can help you advance your current career or help you prepare to pursue a doctoral degree.

The music education concentration will enhance the skills necessary to teach effectively in public school classrooms. The curriculum includes areas such as research, history and philosophy of education. In order to be accepted into this program, one must have already completed the courses necessary for certification.

Music education faculty

Dr. Daniel S. Hellman

Dr. Daniel S. Hellman

Associate Professor
Music Education Coordinator

Music Education, Music Education Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 411, MUS 488, MUS 494, MUS 496, MUS 499, MUS 720, MUS 790, MUS 799

Dr. Andrew H. Homburg

Music Education, Orff Certification Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 148, MUS 200, MUS 305, MUS 494-496, MUS 510, MUS 609