Composition Concentration

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Missouri State University’s graduate music programs offer a variety of concentrations, practical courses, expert faculty and up-to-date resources. There are also a variety of electives to accommodate your interests. The Master of Music degree can help you advance your current career or help you prepare to pursue a doctoral degree.

Working individually with both of Missouri State’s faculty composers, students choosing the Composition Concentration will continue to develop and refine the skills acquired at the undergraduate level in writing original musical works for the concert hall and/or for media. Frequent interaction with fellow composition students and visiting composers of national prominence, along with numerous opportunities to collaborate with performers, will focus their craft towards the ultimate goal of writing a thesis composition. Courses in advanced analysis, music theory pedagogy, and commercial music help to enhance the skills of students pursuing this concentration.

Composition faculty

Dr. John S. Prescott

Dr. John S. Prescott

Music Composition Area Coordinator; Graduate Coordinator

Graduate Coordinator; Music Theory, Music Composition, Music History, Music Composition Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 110, MUS 130, MUS 203/204, MUS 239, MUS398/498/798, MUS 328, MUS 516-521, MUS 700, MUS 715

Dr. Michael F. Murray

Music Theory, Music Composition, Music Theory Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 103-203, MUS 104, MUS 313/314, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 512, MUS 516-521, MUS 538/638, MUS 715, MUS 727/728