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Following a passion for public health

Future Public Health Professionals (FPHP) is a student group dedicated to applying and furthering its members’ public health training and skills. FPHP members have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working on projects with local public health agencies. As a member, you will also be notified of public health trainings and workshops that will further your knowledge and credentials.

Membership details

Membership in FPHP is open to any student interested in public health, regardless of if they are pursuing a Master of Public Health degree. There is no fee for joining the organization.


FPHP holds regular meetings, which often feature a guest speaker. These speakers discuss current issues and trends in the public health profession. FPHP also coordinates with other student organizations to participate in campus and community service projects.

Contact information

For more information about how to get involved with FPHP, contact:


Advocating for a smoke-free campus

Many Master of Public Health students are also involved in SMASH, an initiative of the Ozarks Public Health Institute. SMASH, Students of Missouri State Against Smoking Hazards, is a student group dedicated to educating the University community on the dangers of secondhand smoke and to promote cleaner air on our campus. Ultimately, SMASH is working to make our campus a healthier place for smokers and non-smokers alike by greatly reducing secondhand smoke on our campus through awareness and policy.

Tied to the University’s public affairs mission and focus on sustainability, SMASH educates our campus about the health, social justice and environmental issues related to tobacco. For more information, view the current Missouri State tobacco use policy.

Membership details

Membership in SMASH is open to anyone interested in educating others about the dangers of smoking and promoting a smoke-free campus. SMASH is grant funded through the Missouri Foundation for Health, so no fee is required for membership.


Each year SMASH sponsors the “Kiss Me” Campaign, which promotes smoke-free environments and lifestyles. Also, the group hosts a booth at the annual New Student Festival and partners with other student organizations to sponsor campus activities and events.

Contact information

For more information about how to get involved with SMASH, contact:

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