Assistantships, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Combining work, school and scholarship

A graduate assistantship position allows you to work part-time in a University office or department closely linked with your program of study in return for a scholarship that covers your course and student fees. Three graduate assistantship positions are offered in the Master of Public Health program, so the application process is extremely competitive. Public health graduate assistants perform both a service and research function.

Master of Public Health students may also qualify for and receive graduate assistantships offered by other University units. For example, Ozarks Public Health Institute often hires graduate assistants to help facilitate grant programs and assist with research. For a complete listing of University units that offer graduate assistantship positions, visit the Graduate College.

Graduate assistantship application procedures

Typically, when there is a graduate assistantship opening in the public health program, all current and incoming students are notified.

Additional University scholarships

You may also qualify for additional University-wide scholarships or financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid provides information about University scholarships, grants and loans.