Guiding your path

Faculty advisors serve to help you fulfill the program’s requirements, to prepare a desirable course schedule and to assist you in achieving your academic and career goals. As a student in the Master of Public Health program, a faculty member will be assigned as your advisor. You must receive your advisor’s approval prior to enrolling for classes each semester.

In addition to meeting with your advisor, you must also submit an advisor approved program of study form to the Graduate College. This form outlines the courses you plan to take to complete the public health degree.

Advising questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions concerning advising and scheduling within the master of public health program.

Can I take MPH courses at Missouri State before I am admitted into the MPH program?

Domestic students may be accepted by the Graduate College on a nondegree-seeking or postbaccalaureate status. As such, students can take MPH courses which (if later accepted to the program) can be counted toward the degree.

Can I transfer any credits toward the MPH degree?

Requests to transfer credits are considered on an individual basis after students are admitted to the program. In order for transfer credits to be given, a course must be a graduate course from an accredited institution, appropriate to the student’s course of study at Missouri State and approved by the student’s advisor, the program director and the Graduate College. A maximum of 12 semester hours may be transferred, but all coursework must be completed within eight years.

How long will it take to complete the MPH degree at Missouri State?

The number of semester hours required to complete the MPH program is 42 hours. On a full-time basis, your degree is typically completed in two-and-a-half to three years. Full and part-time students must complete all program requirements within eight years.

At what time of day are the MPH courses typically offered?

The program is tailored to meet the needs of working individuals. Therefore, classes are mostly offered in the evenings, on Saturdays (web-enhanced with approximately four class meetings per semester), via the Internet and in an executive-style format. The executive-style format allows working professionals to complete all coursework on a part-time basis with limited on-campus attendance.

Can I take courses on a part-time basis?

Yes, but all coursework must be completed within eight years.

Can I complete the MPH degree completely online?

No, however the degree can be completed entirely through online and executive style classes, which meet on weekends.

The class schedule displays plans for how courses will be offered in coming semesters.