MPH-MHA Dual Degree

A bridge between healthcare and medicine

This unique dual degree allows you to apply 12 hours of coursework to both the Master of Health Administration (MHA) and the Master of Public Health (MPH), reducing the time required to earn the degrees separately. Gaining perspective from both programs will enhance your professional decision making, practice and action while you learn to manage health care priorities, policy, delivery, crises and address major health concerns. 

Effective management and responsible oversight within the healthcare delivery system

The dual MHA/MPH degree program provides graduates with interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and abilities to address challenges on a local and global scale. Beyond these foundations, students can focus on identifying, resolving, and preventing health problems that affect communities and populations.

There is overlap between the MHA and MPH programs, which enables students to complete both degrees in a streamlined process. The MHA has a core requirement of 35 credit hours while the MPH has a 42 hour requirements. Currently there are three courses (9 credit hours) jointly shared by the two programs.

In addition, there is a joint collaborative relationship between the two programs in terms of the Capstone Project in Public Health (PBH 799 - 3 credit hours) with the Program Director for the MHA program serving on the student's Capstone Committee. In keeping with the traditional approach to dual degrees, there is a reduction in overall hour requirements for both degrees. While separately the two degrees require a total of 78 credit hours, under the joint degree program students could earn the two degrees in 66 credit hours.

Applicants to the joint MHA/MPA must be admitted into each program separately and must adhere to the admission requirements and prerequisite courses stipulated by each program. The student's decision to complete the joint MHA/MPH degree must be declared to the MHA and MPH Program Directors before the end of the second semester of the first year in either program.