CHHS Poster Production

Poster printing services

CHHS will print posters of various sizes for students and faculty in the McQueary College of Health and Human Services. Using a 5500 HP DesignJet Printer, the college can print posters on plain and glossy paper in black and white and/or color. The typical poster size is 42" X 56". However, depending on the format of the poster presentation or need, different dimensions can be specified at the time of request.

Poster production

For your convenience, a tutorial on how to create a poster in PowerPoint is provided through this link: Creating a Poster. Downloadable poster templates are also available (see below). When using a Missouri State University logo, please refer to the identity standards. The Dean's Office does not provide design, editing, or set-up services. Poster tubes are NOT available in the Dean's Office, but are available for purchase through the University bookstore.

Additional assistance with your poster presentation, including design and organization of the content, can be obtained through the RStats Institute (417) 836-4631.

When your poster is ready to be printed, please fill out the poster order form and email it to the Dean's Office at Please specify the paper type and size. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact the Dean's Office at 417-836-4176. You will be notified via email by the Dean's Office when your poster has been printed and is ready for pick-up.


Poster fees and payment

Payment is due at the time of pick-up. We accept cash or check; departmental budget transfers are also acceptable.

Click on the links below for examples of posters that meet the criteria for each fee level. Poster colors do not have to be identical to the examples.

  Total cost (glossy paper) Total cost (plain paper) % of White Background % of Dark Tint
Level 1 $20 $10 ≥ 90% 0%
Level 2 $25 $15 ≥ 75% 0%
Level 3 $30 $20 ≥ 50% ≤ 10%
Level 4 $35+ $25+ ≥ 35% ≤ 20%

*For each foot over 56", an additional $10/ft charge will be added. There is an additional charge for color and/or solid, non-white backgrounds. Fees are assessed on a case by case basis and are dependent upon color usage and hue. Extremely dark colors or color(s) covering the entire poster presentation are not recommended.

  • ≥ greater than or equal to
  • ≤ less than or equal to

The table (above) is to provide an estimate and is based on a poster that is 42" x 56". Actual cost is assessed by the Dean's Office.