Student Opportunities

The department of kinesiology has four professional student organizations: the Physical Education Majors Club (PEM), the Honor Society Of Physical Education, the Radiology Club and the Recreation, Sport and Park Administration Association.

These student organization are involved during the course of the academic year in a variety of functions that include: periodic general membership meetings and professional programs; service learning activities in the community; attendance at professional organization conferences, such as the Missouri Association For Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) and the Missouri Park And Recreation Association (MPRA); and social activities on campus and in the community.

In a given academic year, 15-to-20 students in the physical education curriculum may be nominated and selected to the National Honorary Society of Physical Education. Recreation and Leisure Studies has a chapter of Rho Phi Lambda, a national honorary society of the Recreation, Parks and Leisure profession. The department is home to the very successful five-time national champion Missouri State handball team, coached by Dr. Tommy Burnett.

Physical Education Majors (PEM) Club

The purpose of the PEM club is to bring together those students who are interested in the physical education career field to: 1) develop high standards of professional qualifications and ethics, 2) develop awareness of issues, events and happenings occurring in the physical education profession, 3) develop closer relationships between students and faculty, and 4) to promote physical education on the Missouri State campus and throughout the community. Monthly meetings and periodic social functions are conducted on campus with guest speakers delivering presentations on a variety of professional topics and issues. The PEM Club is highly visible in conducting computerized body profiles four times during the academic year as a university service project, which includes the Missouri State World Health Day celebration in the spring semester.

Honor Society Of Physical Education

The purpose of the Honor Society Of Physical Education is a men’s and women’s professional honorary society of physical education with the following purposes: 1) to encourage high academic achievement, 2) promote professional involvement in the field of physical education, 3) to create a greater cohesion among men and women in physical education, and 4) to provide recognition of achievement of high academic standards in the physical education academic program. The honor society is an active organization within the Physical Education Majors (PEM) Club.

Radiography Club

The Radiography Club of Missouri had its inception in the fall of 1994. The monthly meetings have been very informative, with representatives from of both Cox Health Systems and St. John's Regional Health Centers presenting programs on information regarding their schools. Another program has been student panel discussions involving students currently enrolled in either of the Schools of Radiologic Technology. Programs have included hospital tours and presentations from professionals in specialty areas such as radiation therapy, ultrasonography, and trauma. Students have found club activities to be instrumental in making career decisions, including whether or not to major in radiography. It is also a means of networking with professionals, peers, and provides an opportunity to socialize with other majors. Approximately, 100 students have declared radiography as a major and are in various stages of their academic program. After completing appropriate prerequisites, a student may apply to a School of Radiologic Technology. Cox Health Systems and St. John's Regional Health Center in Springfield have accredited schools. After completing their 24-month program, plus approximately five semesters of course work at Missouri State, a student may earn an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in radiography.

Recreation, Sport and Park Administration Association

Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration Association (RSPA), formerly the Recreation and Leisure Studies Association (RLSA), was established at the time that the academic program in Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration was initiated in the early 1970s. It is the student professional organization for majors and minors in the RSPA undergraduate academic program. The student organization elects officers in the Spring semester for the following academic year. The leadership of the organization, plans and organizes a variety of functions during the course of the school year that includes: attendance at professional-oriented meetings; planning social functions at the beginning and closing of the academic year; engaging in community service projects; stimulating student interest in professional meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars; and occasional participation in fund-raising activities.

The organization encourages student interactions and involvement in community activities and service-learning activities that have implications to the delivery of recreation and leisure services during the academic year. The leadership and members of the organization represent the RSPA program at the departmental, college and university levels. An office is shared with the national honorary society, Rho Phi Lambda, in the Kings Street Annex, Room 105.

Officers for Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration Association include: President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

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