Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for the physical education graduate program

  • Graduates will understand and put into practice, the concepts, strategies and procedures of qualitative and/or quantitative research resulting in a five-chapter research seminar paper or thesis.
  • Graduates will be able to develop and/or expand their educational philosophies through guided practice, discussions and papers and extensive readings of the current and past literature of the profession.
  • Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of current technology by planning and implementing learning experiences that allow students to use technology effectively in the classroom.
  • Graduates will plan and adapt instruction for the diverse learner through the specific development of accommodations and/or modifications for students with special needs.
  • Graduates will demonstrate the ability to theoretically develop, coordinate and administer a variety of middle school, high school, university, community and professional physical education, sports and activity programs.
  • Graduates will describe and apply physiological and biomechanical concepts related to the analysis of mature and immature.