Careers and Outcomes

The job market for education professionals is stable and graduates have excellent opportunities for placement and employment. Earning a dual certification will increase your job opportunities.

Advance in the physical education field

For most educational professionals, a master’s degree is required for advancement and encouraged by most institutions. Upon graduation with a graduate degree in physical education, you will be able to teach K-12 physical education, as well as be prepared to teach at the community college level.

Graduates have explored career opportunities in physical education:

  • Adaptive physical education
  • Coaching
  • Government
  • Health education
  • Physical education in elementary and secondary settings
  • Recreational and sport administration
  • Research
  • Teaching courses at a community college

Upon receiving your degree in physical education, you may pursue a career teaching physical education at the secondary or college level, work for the federal government or pursue a career in health science, public relations or in research.