Health Promotion and Wellness Management Graduate Program

Why pursue a master’s degree in health promotion and wellness management at Missouri State?

  • This kinesiology graduate program, one-of-a-kind in the Midwest, will prepare you for a variety of careers in health, human services and business. You’ll pair courses with unique internships and experiences that can turn into jobs.
  • This program teaches managerial skills with scientific and clinical knowledge of preventive medicine.
  • Through practical courses, expert faculty and up-to-date technology, you’ll have the best opportunity to learn about this area.


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Accelerated program

In addition to the traditional Master of Science degree, the department also offers an accelerated program where outstanding undergraduate students can begin graduate course work during the second semester of their junior year.

Careers and outcomes

From the public sector to the private sector, a master's degree in health promotions and wellness management opens up many dynamic career opportunities. You can improve the lives of individuals and communities through their health.