Nutrition Study and Review Questions

Preparing for the Nutrition study and review questions

Review the lecture materials and text readings on this topic, especially how to read a nutrition label. You will need to utilize basic mathematical functions when answering these questions. A practice nutrition lab is also listed on the Case Studies page in Blackboard and on the first URL below..

Additional URL readings are provided below. These readings will also provide valuable information and study materials for your next lecture examination.

  1. Go to and read How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label
  2. Read the four myths on the following link:
  3. Take the Portion Distortion quiz on the following link:

To complete this exercise, click on your Laboratory Instructor’s icon. This will link you to the InQsit quiz page. Click on the Radio Button, Nutrition Study and Review Questions. Complete all the questions.

This practice and review session will be available from 12am Wednesday, September 27th to 11:59pm, Wednesday, November 1st. You can only access the quiz three times, and you will have 30 minutes to complete it.

Remember to sign-in to your study-review questions by using your BearPass username only!