Directions for Completing Practice-Topic Review Internet Quizzes

View the How to access and complete the optional internet quizzes through the KIN 210 university website document for quiz instructions.

Important notes on study-review topics

  • Speak to your lab instructor regarding problems with your optional study-review questions, particularly problems related to sign-ins, purported lockdowns etc.
  • Do not contact Dr. Downing and ask him to re-open a quiz or solve a problem that deals with failure to access a quiz. He will not respond to emails regarding online quizzes. 
  • Be sure to read the directions on this page before you attempt to complete a study-review session.
  • If all else fails, visit Dr. Downing in his office, MCDA 209, since he WILL NOT solve any Internet quiz problem by phone or e-mail. His office hours are available online. He will not turn away walk-ins during off-office hours unless he has other business in progress or another appointment.