Fitness-Wellness Post Tests

Scoring your Fitness-Wellness pre-post tests

Please transfer your pre-post physical test scores to the appropriate InQsit sections at the end of the on-line quiz menu. This process should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete; however, it is essential that you follow directions accurately to expedite the transfer of this data into a usable format! If you complete this assignment correctly you will earn 60 points in your laboratory grade. You are strongly advised to complete this assignment in a university lab or in/during your lab class with the assistance of your lab instructor, if necessary. Avoid using Google Chrome and/or Safari browsers, if possible.

These assignments will open at 12am, Monday, November 27th. They will close at 11:59pm, Friday, December 8th. YOU WILL ONLY HAVE ACCESS TO THESE MODULES ONCE. When entering your data, PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY.

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