Pre Post Test Worksheet

Directions for pre-post testing

Please download these forms and keep them for your records. You will also receive copies of the forms in your first laboratory session. After completing your fitness tests, date and record the scores for each test in the appropriate boxes.

Repeat this process at the end of the semester after the post-testing sessions. You may use the worksheet to calculate your scores.

The ExRx link ( on this sheet will send you to a page that will help you calculate the results of your cardiorespiratory (including VO2 Max), strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition tests.In the left column of under fitness testing, click on the specific test that you have completed, fill in the information requested and click on the calculation button/link. These calculations will provide you with your test scores and the gender/age criterion rankings for each test.

Please complete all of the calculations and transfer all of the information to your exercise scores record sheet.

The right column of provides you with information about food exchange lists, your daily caloric requirements by age, weight and gender, and how many calories you expend when you engage in a variety of physical activities.

You may access procedural directions for completing your exercise and wellness test items and "How To" information on calculating results (e.g., MAX V02) by reading the following PDF: