IT Council Members

Permanent appointment members
Name Role Title
Jeff Coiner CIO (Chair) Chief Information Officer
Greg Rainwater Office of the Provost (Deputy Chair) Budget and Financial Manager
David Young West Plains Representative Director of Information Technology Services
Termed appointment members
Name Role Title Term ends
Tamera Jahnke College Dean Representative Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences August 2020
Saibal Mitra Faculty Senate Representative Professor, Physics Astronomy and Materials Science, Faculty Senate Chair August 2020
Adja Jones Staff Senate Representative Assistant Director, Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Academic Achievement Center, Staff Senate Chair August 2020
KJ Bryant  SGA Representative SGA, Director for Information Services August 2020
Jacob Krickhahn SGA Representative SGA, Chief Information Officer August 2020
Non-voting members
Name Department Title
Kelly Dalton Financial Services Manager, Accounts Payable and Budgeting
Kevin Piercy Computer Services Assistant Director, Computer Services
Angie Strider (Interim) Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services Assistant Director Residence Life-Business Services
Michelle Olsen Institutional Research Director, Institutional Research