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IDEA Commons has a set of shared goals and vision – promoting innovation, design, entrepreneurship and the arts in order to increase jobs, retain talent and build an urban neighborhood. To increase awareness of IDEA Commons and to build a community, it is important to present a cohesive image across all media.

IDEA Commons logo

The IDEA Commons logo is a registered service mark and may not be used without consent from the Missouri State University System. To request permission and/or a copy of this logo, contact editorial and design services.

At IDEA Commons

As a facility in IDEA Commons, we encourage you to place the logo on materials to identify you as one of the participating locations. This will work to build a strong image that will benefit all of us.

Planning and development maps

Visit the City of Springfield website to access maps and other plans for IDEA Commons.

Tell the story

IDEA Commons is Missouri State's vision and commitment to create a new type of urban research park that is blended with residential, retail and entertainment facilities, and supported by various University programs. This unique project brings together Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Arts (IDEA) and is an example of how the University continues to be engaged in promoting the community's livability and economic success.

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