Meet Instructor Ronda Medlin

RondaMedlinPhoto I have lived in the Springfield area since 1971. I graduated from Missouri State University in 1983, with a double major in Marketing and Management. Later, I completed my Master of Arts in Teaching – Business and Technology from MSU as well. In 1987, I started teaching microcomputer courses at a private business college. As a member of their technical training department, I also developed course curriculum, and assisted with program marketing and student recruitment.

In 1991, I began teaching computer skills courses at Missouri State University as an Instructional Specialist, at the Computer Institute in the Center for Continuing and Professional Development. While there, I became a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), which certified me to work and train in all areas of MS Office. I have successively taught this platform since 1995.

Throughout this time, I also contracted with area schools and businesses as an instructor, developing technical curriculum and courses for their faculty and staff. Teaching in a variety of locations and computer labs has taught me to be flexible and patient. Because of my career, I must remain current as technology changes thus supporting my desire to be a life-long learner.

Teaching gives me the opportunity and joy to expand employees’ abilities and open their minds to solutions applicable to their specific tasks. I love sharing their excitement for discovering new techniques and ideas for creating or simplifying projects. When they say to me, “I can’t wait to get back to work to try out my new skills!” I am truly rewarded.