Banner Web Time Entry and Leave Reporting


Welcome to Banner Web Time Entry and Leave Reporting web resource site. Banner Time Entry is a web-based time entry system designed to improve accuracy and eliminate loss or delays in paper processing of physical Time Sheets and Leave Reports. The Web Time Entry system will allow the Employee to log into a secure website and enter the hours and leave online from any computer with access to the Internet through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers. The Employee’s Time Sheet or Leave Report is then approved online by his/her Approver and sent electronically for processing. Provided below are online resources and training classes available to employees and supervisors to assist them with the process.


Resources and training

The following resources are provided to assist employees in completing their time sheets or leave reports and to provide guidance for supervisors on the approval and management process of web time entry and leave reporting for their employees:

Banner time entry and leave reporting training

  • All Employees and Supervisors: Training is offered on the second Tuesday of every month and employees can register through My Learning Connection for a session, please search under the Computer Skills - Banner Category to locate Banner Time Approver training sessions.
  • Supervisors: Request all new supervisors who are either new to the University or recently promoted to a supervisory position attend the training. Prior to attending the training, all supervisors must complete a Time Entry Approver / Department Time Originator Authorization Form to ensure they are set up correctly for the employees they approve time entry and/or leave reporting for in Banner. The completed form is submitted to Payroll and if you have questions or need assistance with the form, please contact Payroll at 836-6578.

Online resources

  • Banner Time Entry and Leave Reporting User's Guide - A online guide for all employees and supervisors on how to access and utilize the Banner Web Time Entry and Leave Reporting system.
  • Payroll and Leave Reporting Calendars - Calendars and submission deadlines for all employees to submit their time sheets and leave reports for processing and approval deadlines for all supervisors to approve and submit to payroll for processing.
  • Web Time Entry Video for Nonexempt Employees - This video is a tutorial on how to enter your hours worked and leave taken as a full-time nonexempt staff employee. Please click on the Start button to play the video. (Audio/Video) A copy of the audio transcript (PDF) is provided for video.